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Booklet Printing

A Booklet printing refers to a number of pages bound together by some sort of steel wire or a thread. It is mainly Used by businesses as a method of advertising, as a powerful sales tool and even as a method of Conveying key points about their products and services. A Booklet can also be used as a magazine or A small book. While Business Cards are more widely used, Booklets are getting popular day by day Among businesses and service providers who want to squeeze the maximum juice out of their Advertising campaigns. If used correctly this little method of advertising can sky rocket your Business And boost your sales unimaginably.


The printing of these Booklets are done by a process known as Booklet Printing and as with Business Card printing and Brochure Printing, Booklets are printed by many different methods. They can have a White paper stock and black text or they can have different colors and eye catching designs. They can Also be printed in different sizes and dimensions and can contain numerous pages (blank or printed). Booklets are bound by different methods including saddle stitched (stapled) and wire-O binding. Usually a Booklet contains a front and a back cover which can be used to attract customers and visitors. The front cover can house a stylish and eye-catching design and a quick glance at what your business Or product is all about. Then the back cover can contain an overview of your product or service so a Reader can anticipate beforehand, what it you are advertising is. Print some catchy text for the reader To get him/her hooked and mix your advertisement and products with the content to maximize the Booklet's potential. When it comes to Booklets, nothing is cost-effective and fast than Online Printing. Whatever the number of booklets you want printed, here at West our printing staff and graphic experts ensure the customers Get the best possible quality, better pricing compared to others and unmatchable after-sales service.


Western Printing & Graphics blends traditional craftsmanship with today's top-of-the-line equipment to Bring you the best product and make you feel at home. Whether you have a small job for us or the most Complex and challenging task, our professional staff is at your service to tend to your needs. We'll give you the quality and personal service you desire. Not only that but we also offer Digital on Demand Printing so you will not have to face any problems and everything will be done for The valued customer. So try our services and leave everything to us to cater to your demands and requests. We will make Sure that you like our offerings and that you prefer Western Printing & Graphics for all your promotional and printing needs.