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Head Office   800.667.7025

San Diego    858.327.1050

N. California   916.760.5897

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Poster Printing

A poster is a piece of printed paper designed to be posted to a wall or any surface. A typical poster printing contains different graphics, illustrations and can include text as well. With that being said a poster can also be wholly graphic or wholly text. Although a poster can have many uses, it is mainly and commonly used as a promotion tool for events, musicians and movies.


Posters have been used by people for many centuries and as said above they are mainly used to promote a product or a service. They can also be used by politicians as a tool for propaganda. Posters can be printed by many different methods. While most of time, posters are mass-produced, they can also be created by hand or in limited quantities. A poster is usually printed on one side of the paper leaving the other side blank, so it can be attached to a wall or a surface. It is often printed on standard A3 Silk Paper in full color or different color combinations. It is also possible to print large posters on standard home or office printers using Poster Creation Software. Some types of posters include Propaganda posters, movie posters, travel posters, railway posters and event posters etc.